• Alan Gordon

    Alan Gordon

    Banff Mountain Film Festival became a reality. It was such an honor to go to Banff and see my film Blue Obsession, make it on the world tour.

  • Ali Kadhim

    Ali Kadhim

    Ali formed a group in 2003 called '9Lives' which was made up of some high school friends who also shared an interest for Parkour. Ali began documenting all their training on a video camera and editing the footage which soon led to another strong interest - Filmmaking.

  • Caroline Buchanan

    Caroline Buchanan

    Caroline Buchanan is an Australian cyclist who represents Australia in BMX and mountain biking. She was selected to represent Australia at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the women's BMX event

  • Fabian Kluhs

    Fabian Kluhs

    It was during his studies of digital flmmaking when Fabian Kluhs decided to focus his work on extreme sport and outdoor productions. Since then he has been working as a filmmaker/producer and cameraman.

  • Grant Thompson

    Grant Thompson

    Grant Thompson found a love for slacklining and quickly became an adventure sports enthusiast. He combined his skills as a cinematographer combining his talents and is now an integral part of the Experience Series Film and production team,

  • Jarno Cordia

    Jarno Cordia

    Jarno is a fulltime, professional wingsuit skydiver and BASE jumper from the Netherlands. Utilising his many years of experience, he travels the globe filming numerous wingsuit projects and teaching others how to safely fly their wingsuits.

  • Julie Angel

    Julie Angel

    Julie is a filmmaker, writer and academic.Over the past 8 years she has specialised in filming parkour both commerically and as documentary research, creating one of the largest archives of parkour footage as well as having unrivalled experience in capturing and choreographing parkour.

  • Lonnie Bissonnette

    Lonnie Bissonnette

    Lonnie Bissonnette, an elite extreme athlete from Canada, is one of the world’s most prolific BASE jumpers. Lonnie was injured July 2004 while attempting a quadruple gainer (a gainer is an outward facing, inward rotating flip) on his 1100th BASE jump off a 486 ft (150m) high bridge

  • Luke Thorpe

    Luke Thorpe

    I grew up at the beach on Long Island, New York. I’ve always liked to surf and record music. After I earned my degree in film-making and worked a few years in the city, I decided to follow my heart and reconnect with what I was most passionate about.

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  • Ossie Khan

    Ossie Khan

    Ossie Khan founded Experience Series in March 2013. As a skydiver/ base jumper of 20 years, his goal is to tell the stories of the amazing people he has met along the way and open up the possibilities for people to do what they love.

  • Ryan Doyle

    Ryan Doyle

    I always wanted to fly... if you learn how to fall you can fly off anything. my surroundings created me,1st Freerunning World Champion, but i took that 1st step alone and i shattered my leg :( did i give up?… No, i got a metal one and won it again... Ryan Doyle style ;)

  • Stephane Benini

    Stephane Benini

    I've start filming cars & motorsport in 2005, formed a production and since then, I have produce several tv shows, many commercials and digital videos curating a large viewership.

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