Fabian Kluhs


Fabian has worked with international projects has taken him around the globe from Osaka, Japan to the Andean city of Cusco, Peru. He already worked with MTB slopestlye star Martin Söderström, freeride legend Michal Marosi, former 4X World Champion Tomas Slavik and many more. Equipped with the latest technical equipment – a Red Epic Digital Camera, Time-lapse Cameras, Jib Arms, Silders and more – Fabian is stoked to start shooting wherever the next journey will take him.

Fabian's videos

  • Antti Rissanen

    Antti Rissanen

    5 years ago
  • Austria's Sickest

    Austria's Sickest

    5 years ago
  • Vienna Street Rockaz

    Vienna Street Rockaz

    5 years ago
  • Undead


    5 years ago
  • Going Big in Japan

    Going Big in Japan

    6 years ago